Buffet table

On this page you can explore the selection of our buffet table. Welcome to enjoy!

Cold cuts

Onion and mustard herring
Russian herring
Matjes herring jelly
Cold-smoked salmon
Smoked fish with remoulade sauce
Chicken eggs
Dill potatoes

Mixed green salad
Smoked fish salad
Pickled cucumber
Tomato and onion salad
Italian salad/potato salad
Salad dressing

Smoked Beef
Salt meat
Liver pate
Veal jelly
Carrot-cream cheese galante
Cheese plate

Warm dishes

Pork fillet with madeira sauce
Turkey breast Sweet & sour
Seafood casserole
Vegetable gratin

Bread and butter
To drink: home-brewed beer, milk and water

Dessert coffee/tea and juice and small pastries and cookies