A la carte

A la carte dishes include starters, fish dishes, poultry and vegetarian dishes, meat dishes and desserts.


Cold-smoked salmon and dill potatoes 8,90€
West Coast salad 8,50€
Prawn soup 8,00€
French onion soup 8,20€
Master's soup 7,90€


Poached perch with prawn sauce 17,80€
Grilled salmon tartar 15,70€
Herb white fish 17,70€

Poultry and Vegetarian

Chicken gratin 10,30€
Rooster fillet Indienne 14,60€
Orance duck 19,60€
Warm vegetable casserole 9,80€


Escalope of pork Piquante 15,50€
Minute steak* and flavoured butter 17,50€
Chateaubriand 21,90€
Pepper steak flambéed  23,80€
Reindeed noisette Maison 28,40€
Stewed lamb steak 20,50€


Buckthorn pafrait 7,90€
ice cream and punch fruit 5,80€
Apple basket with vanilla sauce 6,20€
Chocolate fondant 6,20€
Cheesecake with strawberry sauce 6,30€
Tallbo dessert coffee 6,20€
Irish coffee 7,50€
Amaretto coffee 6,50€