Wedding parties

A wedding party on the scenic shore of Petäjäs, in the shade of the pine forest is a memorable experience. Our professional staff is always here for you from the moment that you start planning the event right through to the practical arrangements.

Party and meeting house

Room for up to 240 people in a single space. The party and meeting house is furnished with stylishly and uniquely with the open fireplace crowning the welcoming atmosphere.

The interior provides a dignified setting for the celebrations of your life, and allows for the use of just the decorations and colours that you wish for. We are always ready to organize your family an elegant and dignified celebration in the magnificent natural setting.

Choose Juhla-Tallbo when you want only the best for your party

In our party catering we always take specific wishes into account and on the basis of these our professional staff conjures up wonderful taste sets according to plans for your important day.

Contact our sales service. Let’s plan together the wedding party of your dreams.