Menu options

Choose the catering to suit you at Juhla-Tallbo!

When organizing your party at Juhla-Tallbo you can choose from the many menus the one that you prefer and that is the most suitable alternative for the event. The menus will be tailored according to your wishes. We are also happy to make changes in the set menus in accordance with the wishes of the bridal couple.

Our professional staff is here to help you, so that together we can create an unforgettable party for your guests and of course the bride and groom themselves.

Our selection also includes wines that are just right to bring out the delicious flavors. Wines chosen in accordance with your wishes will complete your wedding banquet.

The cognacs and liqueurs to accompany the cake and coffee will make the sweet moment even sweeter.

You also have the possibility to choose the drinks to be offered to your guests from the wide assortment.

We will make different punches and other alcoholic drinks according to your choice.

We kindly ask you to note that all of our facilities are licensed premises, so in accordance with the Finnish alcohol legislation the bringing of your own alcoholic beverages onto the premises is not permitted.

Option 1:

Onion and mustard herring
Herrings marinated with juniper berries
Matjes herring jelly
Cold-smoked salmon
Smoked fish with remoulade sauce
Chicken eggs
Dill potatoes

Mixed green salad
Smoked fish salad
Pickled cucumber
Sharp cabbage salad
Tomato and onion salad
Italian salad/potato salad
Salad dressing

Carrot and black salsify terrine
Liver pate
Veal jelly
Pepper fillet
Smoked beef
Cheese plate
Bread and butter

Warm dishes:
Pork fillet and red onion sauce
Sweet & sour turkey breast
Seafood casserole
Vegetable gratin

Option 2:

Herrings marinated with juniper berries
Onion and sugar marinated herrings
Crayfish terrine
Lightly salted whitefish
Smoked-salmon rolls filled with chive cream cheese
Blue cheese coated smoked salmon

Mixed green salad
Goat cheese salad
Tomato and onion salad
Wild mushroom salad
Bavarian potato salad

Carrot and black salsify terrine
Lamb pate and mint jelly
Lightly-smoked turkey with red onion compote
Roast beef

Cheese plate
Bread selection and butter

Warm dishes:  
Whole roasted beef fillet with marsala sauce
Glow-fried salmon with morel sauce
Honey-roasted root vegetables

Boiled potatoes
Garlic potatoes

Option 3

Herring caviar
Gravlax with brandy cream
Peppered hot-smoked salmon
Roe jelly

Mixed green salad
Waldorf salad
Tomato and mozzarella salad
Prawn salad

Beetroot terrine
Roast beef with horseradish
Liver pate
Reindeer pate in pastry

Cheese plate
Bread selection and butter

Warm dishes:
Veal noisette with red wine sauce
Baked salmon with lemon sauce
Vegetable gratin
Boiled potatoes
Cheese potatoes

Option 4

Dill herring
Crayfish marinated herring
Glazier herring
Roe jelly
Cold-smoked salmon rolls filled with chive cream cheese
Peppered hot-smoked salmon with dill mayonnaise
Green salad assortment with balsamic sauce
Pear and blue cheese salad
Caesar salad
Melon salad

Sweet potato and spinach terrine
Lightly-smoked turkey with red onion compote
Roast beef with horseradish cream

Warm dishes:
Peppered beef noisettes and brandy cream sauce
Grilled chicken breast with tomato salsa
Potato and goat cheese gratin
Oven roasted seasonal vegetables

Herb baguette
Lingonberry bread

Wedding cakes

Our range includes a wide range of different and delicious cakes. We will conjure up the cakes and other sweets in accordance with your wishes.

Wedding cake examples: